Edward J. Messina, Ph.D.


As a pedigree analyst and thoroughbred consultant, Dr. Messina has been an advisor to trainers, owners, breeders, thoroughbred farms, state and national agencies. In addition, he has written and lectured on pedigree analysis and the buying and breeding of quality runners. Highlights of his successful recommendations are listed below.

1. Fourteen horses were nominated for championship status.
2. Eight were voted champions of their division or State.
3. One Canadian Triple Crown winner.
4. One Filly Triple Tiara winner.
5. Six horses have earned more than one million dollars.
6. One horse placed 2nd in the Kentucky Derby.
7. Forty-seven Graded Stakes performers.
8. Forty-five Stakes performers.
9. Forty-seven horses with earnings over $100,000.
10. In 1999 his client Geret Farm was nominated as New York Breeder of the Year.
11. In 2000 Dr. Messina was nominated as New York Breeder of the Year.
12. In 2004 Dr. Messina was ranked 17th of all New York Breeders in monies earned by his horses at NYRA Tracks. They earned over $190,000 in purse money.
13. Dr. Messina was associated with two winners of the Breeders’ Cup Classic.
14. Horses bought and bred on his recommendations have have won over forty five million dollars ($60,000,000) and still counting.

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Dr. Messina is the originator and developer of THE GENETIC PROFILE, GENETIC RATING and GENETIC AFFINITY METHODS OF PEDIGREE ANALYSIS. These methods allow thoroughbred owners and breeders to genetically evaluate a horse’s pedigree in order to determine the genetic potential of the horse for either racing or breeding. The methods are capable of predicting what horses can become the best stallions, broodmares or racing prospects. It has taken Dr. Messina over 30 years of research to develop the methods. Based on his methods and the pedigree recommendations he has made, he has become a nationally recognized pedigree expert and thoroughbred consultant.

Dr. Messina was Director of Operations for GERET FARM, in Pine Bush, New York, from 1993 to 1999, prior to the farms premature closing because of health issues of the principal owner. He was responsible for the acquisition of the stallion Missionary Ridge (GB) and all of the mares purchased by GERET FARM. In addition, he purchased all of the mares for the farm and planned and recommended all of the mares’ matings. He also directed the raising and selling of the yearlings resulting from those matings. All horses whose breeding line indicates bred by GERET FARM were the result of Dr. Messina’s pedigree analysis and breeding recommendations. Geret Farm became one of New York’s top five breeding farms within three years. One of the highlights of his career as the pedigree analyst and thoroughbred consultant to GERET FARM was their nomination as New York Breeder of the Year in 1999 and the horse they bred, Phil the Grip, became NY Bred Champion Older Horse in 1999.

Dr. Messina is also a breeder in his own right, in an attempt to test his theories of pedigree analysis. As a result of his personal breeding successes he was nominated as New York Breeder of the Year in 2000.

Dr. Messina is the only pedigree analyst and thoroughbred consultant to have either his horses or those of his clients nominated for New York Bred Champion status three years in a row (1999, 2000, and 2001).

Based on his extensive knowledge of the thoroughbred industry and thoroughbred horse, Dr. Messina was appointed to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board’s Medication Advisory Committee in 2001. He remains on this committee as a consultant to New York State. It was this committee, of which he is a part, which formulated the new rules and regulations regarding the blood testing for Epogen (EPC; erythropoietin, the red blood cell stimulant) and “milkshakes” that have been adopted by New York State and other racing jurisdictions.

Dr. Messina has lectured and written papers on breeding, the purchase of racing prospects, stallions and broodmares and pedigree analysis.

As a research scientist Dr. Messina has also been involved in the research, development, testing, and marketing of nutritional programs for horses. The product list includes RACE FORMULA, for all equine athletes, MARE-BLOOM, for mares and PRO-DEV-GRO, a supplement for young developing horses.

As a nutritional consultant and provider of custom formulated feed additives, Dr. Messina has been associated with 10 national champions, over 50 state and regional champions and hundreds of stakes winners. Special feed programs are also available for stallions with fertility problems.


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